This means that in order for emerging brands to remain competitive during the hectic holidays, it’s critical to develop a digital marketing strategy that stands apart from other brands.

Using these digital marketing tips for the holidays can help you compete in the online market this year.

Tips for keeping your small business marketing organized during the holiday season

With so much going on over the holidays, creating an effective marketing campaign is sometimes easier said than done.

Luckily, it’s fairly easy to put your digital marketing efforts into perspective by following a few simple pointers. Here are several tips that can help you organize your small business marketing strategy before the holiday madness begins.

Get a head start

Don’t wait until the last minute. Avoid holiday marketing stress by having everything prepared long before the season approaches. 

Start planning and preparing your digital marketing between August and September when sales are slow so that everything will be ready to go long before the season kicks in.

This allows you to focus on getting your business prepared for the upcoming influx of customer traffic.

Set specific goals

Before crafting seasonal marketing content, take some time to clearly define your objectives. 

These goals may include acquiring a certain number of email subscribers, attracting new followers on social media, or beating last year’s holiday sales numbers by a certain margin.

The more specific you are about your expectations, the more effective and engaging your digital marketing strategy will become.

If you’re uncertain about which goals to prioritize, dig into the details of where your business could use improvement and create a marketing campaign that addresses that weakness. For example, if your social media following has started to stagnate or decline, consider focusing on social media marketing ideas that will draw traffic to one or more engagement channels.

Create a marketing calendar

A great way to organize your digital marketing ahead of the holidays is to create a comprehensive itinerary ahead of time.

By creating an online marketing calendar, you can easily review all the holidays most relevant to your business over the months ahead and make the necessary preparations so that you’re not doing everything last minute.

Draft and schedule your email marketing and social posts in advance

One of the most helpful time-saving digital marketing tips for the holidays is to create content when business is slow so that it’s ready to roll out before the busy season starts.

After drafting your social media posts, marketing emails, or blogs, you can schedule your content to publish automatically when and where you want.