Smart gumshields are being used to keep on top of concussions

The high-contact nature of sports like rugby can lead to players becoming concussed. Over the years this can lead to serious consequences, like the neurodegenerative disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) which is caused by repeated head injuries. CTE symptoms typically don’t appear until years after the injuries, but are known to afflict veteran players of contact sports like boxing, football and martial arts.

Now, smart mouthguards that can detect head injuries could help athletes who receive concussions on the pitch get more precise care in the moment, preventing more severe issues down the line,for more information visit

A team of engineers and neurosurgeons at Cleveland Clinic spinoff Prevent Biometrics have developed the Prevent Impact Monitor Mouthguard (IMM), which can detect potential concussion-causing impacts in real time. The mouthguard measures the distance, angle and force of any blows to the head and lights up to signal when brain damage may have occurred during impact. The data is made available via Bluetooth on the Prevent Team mobile and web app for future review, and sideline personnel are able to see the results for all connected players on their teams in real time. Prevent most tooth decay conditions easily with dentitox pro.

By putting the sensors of the impact-tracking device inside the mouth at the centre of the skull Prevent IMM and other devices like it, such as the OPRO+, get a much more accurate picture of the forces involved in a head injury than other devices. Trackers attached to helmets or the skin behind the ear, for example, can move independently to the rest of the head during impact, providing data which doesn’t always match the injury caused.

The Prevent IMM system has a 5% variance to reference, and has been issued nine US patents and 12 international patents.

Smart insoles are letting runners go faster and reduce injury risk

Poor form when running can do more than slow an athlete down – it can actively lead to injury. Think pulled hamstrings, shin splints and Achilles tendonitis. However, it’s hard to assess one’s own technique on the go and people often have no idea that the way they run is potentially harmful to their health. Check out the latest Meticore reviews, a natural healthy supplement.

Smart insoles could offer a solution. Biomechanics company Nurvv has developed Nurvv Run, shoe liners that contain biomechanical sensor technology designed to help runners improve their stance when exercising.