A la recherche du Père Noël

A la recherche du Père Noël

Pour ceux qui se sentent l’âme d’un père noël, cette offre d’emploi vous correspondra.

Avis aux amateurs:


The previous Santa Claus for many years has now retired after years of success and working in a booming market. The market is changing and financial crisis and downturn has had an impact on the organisation. Our client still believes that Santa Claus can create a positive environment and build enthusiasm throughout the world.

Santa Claus will work one day a year and be able to enjoy the rest of the year in different splendid locations within our group. However, the working day is quite demanding and hectic. You will need the ability to spread joy and happiness to children, work systematically to be able to cover all the households globally and match our products with the individual wishes of our clients.

You will need to be skillful at handling reindeers, have a round stomach, grey hair and a long, grey beard. A red nose is preferred and rosy cheeks will be an advantage.

Salary package is different to the norm as we do not pay money, but rather focus on the return on investment from playing an important role in everyone’s life.


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